Bevan Lodge Car Show
Friday June 16, 2017

The 7th Annual Bevan Lodge Car Show was, once again, an enjoyable experience for all.  Although maybe a bit short on numbers, it was very definitely made up for in show quality.

We had 4 vehicles present themselves for the show with very fine owners and cooperative weather.  Although cloudy to start, the day cleared up and was a fine sunny afternoon

We were served up a delicious barbeque, served by our veteran BBQ host, Les.

From the club (left to right, above), there were: Yvette and John Decker (and CD) with their 41 Chev sedan, Leroy and Jean Clingwall and their 56 Crown Victoria, Lucy and Dave Gmur accompanying their 36 Chev Pickup, and Richard Heyman brought his 39 Ford Pickup.

To top it all off, we were presented with a 7 year plaque (below)by Bevan Lodge and their staff.

Thankyou, again, Bevan Lodge.