Bevan Lodge Show and BBQ
-June 19, 2020

The annual Bevan Lodge Car Show and BBQ on Friday, June 19 was a great success as everyone wanted to get out to a car show for perhaps the first time this year and the Bevan Lodge Show managed it admirably. Usually, we get a showing of around 5-7 vehicles for this event; however, this year we had 17 cars and trucks. Wow! And we were joined by a couple of cars from another group who were touring around Abbotsford and stopped at Bevan Lodge, so that was great. And, once again, we were treated to all day coffee and the classic Bevan Lodge BBQ lunch with a choice of either hamburger or hot dog with all the fixins (some of us went back for seconds!)and with ice cream for desert. Our club was also presented with their annual plaque commemorating ten years that Bevan Lodge has invited us to show our vintage tin. A warm thankyou, again, to Bevan Lodge for their great hospitality.