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Central Fraser Valley Chapter  

Past Events 2018

Country Car Show
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Past Events 2018

Bevan Lodge Show

Our Next Meeting
7:30pm, Wednesday, September 5, 2018

2018 Executive

President   Fraser Field
Vice President   Gordon Taylor
Secretary   Cindy Ouimet
Treasurer   Hazel Coupland
Directors   Leroy Clingwall
Dorothy Field
Susan Shull
Frank Nicolette
Ron Morris

Terry Johnson
Al Ganske
Barry Bollman
Sunshine Person   Jean Clingwall
Vintage Car Reporter   Frank Nicolette
Governor   Bob Ferenczi


Our Club
It is not a requirement to own a vintage car or truck in order to be a CFVC member; simply an interest in vintage vehicles is sufficient. Our club has a monthly newsletter called the Crankshaft Journal which keeps you up to date with the minutes of the last meeting, needs and leads, plus photos of our tours and activities.
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Chapter Dues $10.00  ( + National dues: $45.00) TOTAL: $55.00
Chapter Meetings First Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm.
Ag/Rec Gallery, Exhibition Park
Corner of Maclure and Trethewey
Chapter Address P.O. Box 542,  Abbotsford B.C.  V2T 6Z8
Web/Newsletter Editor Richard Heyman

Vintage Car Club story in support of Matthew House
Written by Ronda Payne and
Angelika Dawson

"Celebrating our History Series" by Ronda Payne
 Bill and Margaret Mattson - long time members of our VCCC Chapter. read more...