Cross Canada Coasters Tour 2022


The 2022 Cross Canada Coaster Tour is well on its way after a great send off in Newfoundland, and a warm East Coast welcome in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. We then traveled through the beautiful Province of Nova Scotia and received some super hospitality and more of the East Coast delicious seafood. Many historical and fabulous private tours enhanced the greatness of the Provinces and the building of our great Nation. We are today enjoying a private tour of Montreal after a guided tour of Quebec City only two days ago. What a marvellous place and a great history.


We have had great weather with only one day of rain in each Province, sunshine and smiles have been the norm. We have a fabulous group of 'Coasters' with half new to the tour and the others that have enjoyed previous Coaster adventures.


Hope to see you all at our farm after the tour so you can meet and greet some of our travel mates. Remember there are a million stories on the Coaster trail.  Text Box: Fraser and Dorothy Field's trusty 1962 Imperial and 1973 Airstream camped in an 'on the road' location
Text Box: The Coasters on the steps of Newfoundland's Provincial capital with a send-off from the Premier
Also, to quell any rumours, Dorothy and I were down a day with a transmission problem, not really a problem, it was a great day of quiet rest before joining the group again for more adventures, our personal batteries all charged.