Fraser Valley Driving Tour and Picnic
-June 28, 2020

On Sunday, June 28, our car club enjoyed a great tour through some of the Fraser Valley’s lovely picturesque landscape. Organized by Barry Bollman, and Kathy and Frank Nicolette, the tour took us from east Abbotsford, around the Barrowtown area, down the north side of Chilliwack Mountain, through Chilliwack, along Fairfield Island to Rosedale, and finally to Education Park in Sardis where we all had our take-along picnic…and from where we dispersed.  The weather was just perfect for a day’s cruise (warm and dry!), and nearly everyone brought out their old iron. It was a great show with over 20 vehicles taking part in the "parade".

A great deal of the front half of the tour took us along the bottom of shallow Sumas Lake that was drained about 100 years ago to make way for farmland.