Ice Cream Social
celebrating Collector Car Month - July 12, 2019

In celebration of July being proclaimed into legislation as Collector Car Month by the B.C. Government, our club celebrated with an Ice Cream Social including a specially ordered cake.  Many of our members, and more, came with their old vehicles to share in the festivities, including ice cream with many topping choices as well as a celebration cake.  A very special thankyou to our organizers, Leroy and Jean Clingwall and Frank and Kathy Nicolette.   A big  thankyou to Doug and Paula Taylor for opening their “garage” and allowing us to tour through their marvellous collection of memorabilia, and especially for us to share with them their flawless collection of vehicles.
To view the collection, go to:


The Government Proclamation announcing Collector Car Month

President Frank thanking Doug Taylor for his hosting of our day

Ice Cream and all its sundae toppings