Model A Sunday
June 5, 2022
thanks to Rick Unger and Frank Nicolette for the following photos

We had a few hours of dry weather in the morning but rain after and it definitely effected attendance.
The wet weather was a credit to those 15 who brought out their cars/trucks, and a thankyou to the band and the Lions food concession.
Rick Unger


Thanks go to Mike McVay for organizing our annual Model A Sunday

There were members who helped out...

Dave Gmur- parking

Rick Unger- parking

Dan Ramsay with his always interesting 1930 45-B Std.

Dave and Margie Graham in their very authentic 1931 160 B town sedan 

And other CFV members attended the show, and in spite of the intermittent rain a nice time was had.

A write up was in the Aldergrove Star newspaper.