Olde Tyme Drags
July 31, 2022

After a very long 2 year absence, The Langley Loafers Old Time Drags returned to Mission ...and there was a great display of quarter mile racers; some very quick (the fastest at 7.12 and 211 mph) with the slowest at about 23+ seconds and maybe 48 mph.  Quite a selection.

The weather was great and the mini donuts (one of our modern day classics), didn't disappoint.

There are rules of course, (eg 1972 is the youngest your car can be) but apart from the strict NHRA safety requirements, most Langley Loafer regs are about what class you can run in. As the rules state, the idea is to provide "great spectator entertainment" while having "way back machines".  

Most classes of vehicles are required to be non-electronic which means no modern laptop control for various engine speeds, etc.  Most ran carbs.  In fact, the classic "gasser" class requires a straight axle with none of that independent suspension silliness.  Anyway, the rules are easy to find online.

So, although it's a 1/4 mile race event, some of the best of show also takes place in the pit area where old racing habits are tough to beat.  Being there to watch the races is great, but seeing it in photos doesn't show much at all...at least not with my camera.  Therefore, most of the following pictures show scenes in the pit area with classic 1/4 milers, fabulous motor and toter homes as well as a great vintage car show.