Central Fraser Valley Fall Tour 2011

at David & Margery Grahams
and at...




...at Murray & Sheila Fraser's home and shop




The Chapter Fall Tour was well attended with 50 members out. The tour organizers, Frank & Kathy Nicoletti with helpers Bob & Robyn Ferenczi had goodie bags for each couple before the tour started. Shortly after 1PM we were to follow the route laid out on our direction sheet to arrive at our first destination. We travelled through much of western Abbotsford and discovered a large new subdivision that is not on the map and drove into eastern Langley before returning to northern Abbotsford and the home and business premises of Murray & Sheila Fraser. We were greeted by the Fraser’s with snacks and beverages and a tour through their impressive business premises – “Real Horsepower Hot Rods”. The vehicles being worked on were awesome. There will be pictures on our chapter website by the time this edition reaches everyone. The vehicles they own were displayed in the driveway and each was a treasure to behold. After everyone had absorbed the locale our “wagon master”, Frank Nicoletti, presented the Frasers with a plaque to hang keys on and thank them very much for the tour. Then it was back into our cars and off to our second destination a short distance away.

We arrived at the home of David and Margery Graham and after getting everyone parked and settled in the garage was open to look at David’s 1903 Oldsmobile curved dash replica which he had purchased some time ago. Next to it was David’s 1917 Model T roadster awaiting the rebuild of the motor after obtaining a new crankshaft to replace the broken original. All the parts for the engine and transmission were laid out for all to see. The Graham’s other cars were in the driveway. A very nice 1931 Model A (Slant windshield) Town Sedan and Margery’s surprise 1965 Mustang Coupe(that is another story). I didn’t see the 1930 Chrysler pickup unfortunately.

There was a motorized tire swing with 6 tires on ropes which the youngsters climbed on and the switch was turned on hurtling them around in a circle which expanded with speed. They seemed to enjoy that. Then it was time for the fancy hotdog contest for both men and women’s divisions. The winners were Cindy Ouimet, Ron Eyben and honourable mention to the Gmur grandchildren for their truck-dogs.

While the fancy hotdogs were being prepared the rest of us got a chance to roast wieners over the fire pit. Some of them looked awfully black when finished. Everyone enjoyed the food , drinks and nibblies.

It was also “crazy hat day”. The women who had decorated their hats were lined up and through loud audience participation a winner was chosen. The winner was Hazel Coupland with a hat covered in tiny finger puppets. The men were then lined up and went through the same process with the winner being Ray Lamb who had a “Lamb Hat”. Check out the pictures on our web site.

There were prizes drawn, a 50/50 draw and a Toonie Toss was about to begin when we left the party.

We all thank Frank, Kathy, Bob, Robyn and our hosts, the Frasers and Grahams for making the day very memorable. We also liked the fact that nothing rained on our party.

I heard later that Cindy Ouimet was the winner of the Toonie Toss and won the Ryan Kesler Jersey.


Jack Woolard, Chapter Correspondent