70 Mile Campout
July 14-17, 2022


After a 4-year absence due to Forest Fires and Covid restrictions the annual Camp Out was back on July 14-17th!   A number of hardy campers showed up on Thursday the 14th to try and avoid the weekend rush and get a good camping spot. By Friday night we had 11 couples, 4 kids, 3 dogs and Bob (the) Cat. A variety of trailers and motorhomes rumbled in and found a spot with a view, including Winchesters Cathedral overlooking the pond. Ferenczis and their 2 grandkids enjoyed their stay in their cabin, Ouimets (Peter and Cindy) had a grand time in their motorhome, the Halls, Clingwalls,  Brodericks, Wright/Hansons, Staggs, Spicer/Husband, Shulls, Ouimets (Paul and Kelly), enjoyed the luxury of their trailers. Nicolettes spent the weekend in a well-equipped cabin.

Of special note were Gary Spicer and Jean Husband showing up in their 1959 Wolf 1 trailer, aluminum clad, made by Westphalia, a very interesting piece of RV history...try and find another like it! Saturday held a trip to the SMAC store, annual trek not to be missed, games on the porch, an informal trap shoot, (thank you to Leroy Clingwall for the shells and Bob for the clay pigeons) and of course plenty of food, beverages and relaxation. Walks around the pond provided a view of an abundance of wildflowers in full bloom, occasional sightings of deer greeted the early risers, and a variety of birds were making their presence known daily. A number of early bird campers headed in to 100 Mile House on Sunday morning and thoroughly enjoyed the Hot July Nights Car Show. There were approximately 350 Vehicles on display, many Modifieds, along with a number of Vintage Stock cars and trucks. In addition, there were motorcycles and dragsters. The weather held, fortunately no rain fell on the event, as the show included live music, food trucks and sidewalk restaurants.

Comments were made about catching up with old friends, family, & great cars. There were some cars for sale and apparently there was a craft sale as well, but no one seemed to know where it was. Turns out it was craftily hidden inside a main building in the middle of town! Of course, there are always those poor souls who had to leave on Sunday to resume their workweek habit, so we bid safe trails to a few. Unfortunately, Monday always follows Sunday, so Monday morning, we dutifully packed up the camp and moseyed along ourselves, and oh yah, mosquitoes? What mosquitoes? Next to none to speak of really.

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make it an enjoyable weekend full of laughter and stories. We will plan to do it again next year! PS remember that everyone is welcome!!!

 Bob and Robyn

Some of the walking Ladies

Gary Spicer and Jean Husband with rhubarb
in front of their Wolf 1 trailer

On the porch

Jean and Leroy Clingwall

Bob and Robyn Ferenczi with their two grandkids

Ray and Colleen Broderick