May Tour 2022
June 17-19, 2022

After over two years the VCCC May Tour was once again on track and a success this past weekend June 17,18,19. A huge thanks goes to the Golden Ears Chapter for their diligence and perseverance in making the tour happen. We were treated to some great garage tours, fun driving tours and events, a couple of fabulous banquet dinners and for the first time ever, the VCCC Valve Cover Chapter Challenge. The weather cooperated for the most part and it was great to visit with friends from other chapters that we had not seen for these past couple of years. The Golden Ears hospitality was wonderful and much appreciated. To Del and Angela Holbrook and the rest of the May Tour committee we say a huge thank you. Im sure youll read more about the tour in the upcoming issue of the Vintage Car magazine. The CFV Chapter had 18 memberships/associate memberships signed up for the tour, we were well represented.

And for those of you that have not heard our Chapter was victorious in both the car race and the Cheerleading competition. 

I wish to acknowledge and thank all who took part in this first ever Chapter challenge and Cheerleading competition.

In the words of May tour chairman Del Holbrook, Our chapter has infused enthusiasm into the May tour, and that we did hands down or butts up!

Our chapter has thrown the down the gauntlet!!  What great energy and entertainment our chapter brought to this past May tour.

I wish to thank Jeanette Wright for her guidance, vision and professionalism as our Team Captain, Vicky Wiewel for her creativity in costume design and cheer routine and our cheer itself, Rudy Wiewel for his excellent assembly and construction of the cheerleaders outfits, musicality, and leader in our CFV chants over and over. Thanks go to Kathy Nicolette too for minute taking and rounding up us ducks.

Our cheerleaders led by Vicky Wiewel, her team Ron Morris and Willie Wright, thanks for being such great sports you all. Ron and Willie Im not certain if you were talked into this by our Team leaders or were told to do it by your wives, but that was awesome. Pictures say it all.

Thanks as well go to Cindy Ganske our flawless drive, and to Joe Wright who built a very fast and cool Valve cover Car. Our Team even enlisted members families in costume assembly a special note of thanks go to Tracy Kiess for her part in the diaper part of the cheerleaders costumes.

Everyone had a part in the success as winners of the inaugural VCCC Chapter Challenge event.

A note of thanks goes to Terry and Donna as well Joe and Jeanette for hosting our practices.


 Our Valve Cover Race win and cheer will go down in VCCC history and will be reminisced over the years to come.

We benefit by having bragging rights, by receiving the first ever trophy and benefited financially, wasnt expecting that!!

Well done everyone, and now, what do we do next year?? 

Our Chapter however did not take home any hardware in the individual Valve cover car races, we did come close. The "CFV-CFV-CFV" chant was heard many times through out the races as we had a very respectable number of cars in the race. Drivers Cindy Ouimet, Pat Morris, Cindy Ganske, Frank Nicolette, Jeanette Wright, Dale Waddell, Willie Wright, and Audrey Stebanuk all gave it their best try.

Of special note our associate members (Vancouver chapter) Steve and Sue Ganske won multiple awards during VCCC judging of their fabulous 1965 Mustang GT coupe. They carried home some big hardware for their stunning Mustang, congratulations Steve and Sue. VCCC Judges Ron Morris and Al Ganske were both recognized for their years of service as judges. Congratulations to you both, we appreciate you keeping the quality and standards at a pinnacle for the hobby. Terry Johnson was recognized for his being a VCCC judge and storage of the big bins of trophies from year to year in their shop.

Associate member John Lundgren (Golden Ears) presented a Tech talk on bending brake lines and associate member Jean Husband (Vancouver) presented a Tech Talk on quilting; we thank them for taking the time to put together great presentations.

The Saturday night Sock Hop Dance was a blast and enjoyed by many, a couple perhaps enjoyed it too much, what happens at May Tour can sometimes leak out.

To everyone's surprise an impromptu wedding happened in front of a little. very little, white chapel. The bride and Groom were married  by Elvis (aka Dale Waddell) as he was in the house. Accompanied by a Groom's Man  and Bride's Maid, the couple said their I dos and had a first dance. The Bride was beautiful, adorned with a white table cloth Veil and bouquet of yellow ribbon flowers, and the Groom, well he was splendid in his sock hop jeans and T-Shirt. Congratulations to Gary and Jean, such great participants. Who knew their reception would include the whole VCCC May tour attendance.

A note that next years May tour is May 12-15 on Vancouver Island and will cover Victoria to Campbell River with stops in between. There is a limited number of cars allowed so if youre thinking of going contact the Victoria Chapter soon to register. As of last Sunday night they had at least 30 registrations already.

Group of CFV at May Tour

Judged cars at May Tour

CFV Back up Cheer Squad ready for races


CFV Cheerleading squad. Willie Wright, Vicky Wiewel, Ron Morris


The back side of Cheerleaders costumes.

The Big Kahuna with Peter Ouimet

Winning Valve Cover Race Car